The Waste In Advertising: 

Stats and Solutions of Misattribution


The waste in advertising is an epidemic that negatively impacts both brands and consumers. Google found more than 56% of ad impressions are never seen by consumers, and Proxima estimates $37 billion of worldwide marketing budgets are being wasted on poor digital performance, and that’s just digital.

This eBook details the evolution of advertising waste, identifying the shortcomings of current marketing measurement and attribution models, while explaining  how inaccurate, incomplete data and misattribution lead to wasted budget.

Additionally, the final chapter provides readers with an analysis of unified marketing measurement - exploring how it can help make every advertising dollar count by providing visibility into each touchpoint across the consumer journey.  

Download this eBook and learn about:

  • Ad Waste: What It Is & Why It Happens
  • Measurement: Why Not All Models Address Waste
  • Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Other Attribution Models
  • How to Cut Advertising Waste
  • The Benefits of Person-Level Unified Measurement
  • Shrink Ad Waste and Boost ROI by Knowing Your Customer

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