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SaaS Cloud Infrastructure: Primarily Rackspace – scalable, reliable, secure.

* “Person data” includes 1st and 3rd party data. Technically, all data (media, business, economic / external) connects to people. However, at the ETL layer, the processing of each data type is specialized, hence the separate boxes.


The purpose of the ROI BrainTM is to build profitable relationships by matching marketing messages to the right people in every media in an automates, near real-time manner. The ROI BrainTM is comprised of over 100 Trillion data points and over 3 million lines of code. Total investment in the technology exceeds $60 million. It includes over $100 million worth of proprietary marketing ROI benchmark data, and tens of millions of dollars worth of new data and ROI Benchmark flowing into the system each year. Billions of dollars worth of marketing investments are analyzed and optimized by the ROI Brain. Proprietary analytics and algorithms have taken years to perfect, and are the subject of issued and filed patents.

A key differentiator for Marketing Evolution is the personal level data.

– Person level data is represented as raw atomic facts.

– This fact-based data model allows Marketing Evolution to easily handle partial information.

– We use a graph schema to represent relationships between facts.

– This combination allows our dataset to evolve as new types of data become available.


The 100 trillion+ data points from thousands of data sources are connected to individual people, and processed through the ROI BrainTM  analytic system. This allows the ROI BrainTM  to deliver:

–  Real-time person-level marketing mix and “next best message” decisioning

–  Person level propensity to purchase, shop, etc.

–  Leading indicator prediction of sales trends

–  Overall budget optimization

–  Big data mapping and visualization to answer the who and why behind the buy


The infographic of the ROI BrainTM shows the six layers of the technology stack. It is end-to-end, turnkey solution that subsumes mix modeling, attribution analytics, and brand tracking. No need for separate top down and bottom up models patched together – the ROI BrainTM is one system scaled up from person level decision making.

The ROI BrainTM delivers “scaled personalization.” It delivers actionable outputs that feed directly into media buying and programmatic systems.

Adopting the ROI BrainTM saves marketers, media owners and agencies time and money, as well as eliminates the risk and complexity in trying to build their own system. At the same time, the ROI BrainTM makes it easy to connect with 1st Party data, helping marketers maintain their proprietary advantage while leveraging the high quality ROI BrainTM technology.

Click on the graphic above to explore each layer, or contact Marketing Evolution for a guided tour and discussion.

Click here to learn more about the proprietary code and server technologies.