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Being a Marketing Evolution partner allows you to connect your data and services with the industry leading MMM/MTA platform. Help Marketers take advantage of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Automation to optimize their marketing spend across all media channels and at the right-time.
Marketing Evolution delivers marketers better business results with an independent SaaS Platform for measuring and optimization of the entire marketing mix. Marketing Evolution is for marketers that want immediately actionable visibility into what is working and how to improve it across every touchpoint. Our partner program is a global community of companies where we have invested in vetting all data and measurement partners along with providing continual training and support to all certified activation, system integrators and consulting partners.
Strategic Data & Measurement Partners
As a total media mix, multi-touch attribution model across all media channels, Marketing Evolution is seeking new partners which can enhance the value in the measure of both leading and lagging success KPIs to be used against a marketers' total spend. Partners should have data solutions that key to individual, HH, or digital device level. We work with a variety of onboarding partners to help assist in bringing data partnerships into the Marketing Evolution platform in a safe anonymized way. Our data measurement partnerships typically fall into the following categories:
-  Identity Management & Data Onboarding
-  Media Exposure across TV, Digital, Radio, OTT, OOH, Social
-  Mobile Location Based Partners & Identity Management
-  Consumer Purchase Data (ie: Auto, CPG, Retail, QSR, Entertainment...)
-  Social Media
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Activation and System Integrator (SI) Partners
Agency and Activation partners have deep experience working with brands in managing their media mix modeling, planning and media execution across all channels. By adding Marketing Evolution to your current media strategy, your brands will see incremental ROI on their media spend by utilizing our platform through right-time media optimizations across all media channels. Additionally, if you are system integrator managing various marketing and CRM projects for marketers, and are interested in building a service practice around the ROI Brain® software, we have a great program for your company. Activation and SI partners can also qualify as resellers for Marketing Evolution's platform. As a certified reseller, your team will be trained on onboarding and media optimization services which can generate incremental service revenue for your organization where there is an instance of Marketing Evolution's platform in place. Activation companies typically fall into the following categories:
-  Advertising and Creative Agencies
-  Management Consulting & Media Mix Modeling Firms
-  Market Research Firms with vertical expertise (ie: retail, QSR, etc...)
-  Data Warehouse (ERP/CRM), Business Intelligence & Data Management Platforms
-  Adtech/MarTech Media Solution Service Companies (cross media channel)
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Meet Marketing Evolution’s Partners

Marketing Evolution Partners bring a wealth of industry leading data, measurement and consulting services across specific industry verticals. We encourage you to visit our certified partner page to learn more about how you can benefit from working with some of our partners. For more information, visit our certified partners page here.



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Screen Engine (ASI) and video below. 
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