Forecasting in the ROI BrainTM

Launching a new product? Frustrated by high new product failure rates and forecasts from legacy new product forecasting from a pre-internet era that miss the mark? Want New Product Forecasting to actually help you BUILD SUCCESS by giving you targeting rules to reach high propensity triers across digital and all media? 

MoreCastR is the first of its kind…built on industry leading expertise regarding trial and sales forecasting (Rubinson Partners, Inc.) and best in class media analytics from the ROI BrainTM.


Media Power Up

MoreCastR identifies the segment that is only 15% of consumers who will account for over 80% of trial and then finds them at scale in your DMP. The impact? MoreCastR  more than triples the advertising weight with high propensity triers, yet, marketers do not have to increase their budget; the high weight levels are funded by eliminating wasted advertising against those who have virtually no chance of trying the new product.


Accuracy and Actionability

MoreCastR increases the accuracy of new product forecasts by using an eight factor propensity score and can improve the launch brand tracking with a more effective in-campaign message and media optimization. 


More for Less

MoreCastR saves marketers money. The cost to use MoreCastR for trial and repeat forecasting PLUS audience discovery and 3 month tracking is usually LESS than a volumetric concept/product test plus launch tracker. In fact, MoreCastR doesn’t cost you money, it saves you money.  You should achieve a 20-30% lift in new product sales via MoreCastR at a cost that is a small fraction of that gain. MoreCastR is an example of technology delivering more for less.


Audience Discovery

Want to achieve more than profiling concept acceptors from a small survey as legacy methods do? Want to mine all the signals to identify an audience of “High Propensity Triers” and then find them at scale in your DMP? Want software to use all the data to generate detailed media buy plans online and offline? 

MoreCastR delivers Audience discovery and planning in one integrated system. 


Media Activation

The fact is, 15% of consumers, the High Propensity Triers, account for 80% or more of triers. Whenever the consumers you want to target show up, you can programmatically deliver the right message at the right time on the right screen to just them. MoreCastR, is built on Marketing Evolution’s award winning ROI Brain™ platform, so it optimizes the full media plan, even the non-programmatic part, by detailing the media habits of the high propensity triers.


Optional: Full media and Message Optimization with MoreCastR Plus the ROI BrainTM

If you are using MoreCastR to build a detailed media plan for your new product launch, why not also use the same technology to monitor how each message is working as the campaign unfolds? If your new product is a line or franchise extension, why not optimize the full parent brand’s media efforts? Because each message can influence a slightly different group of people, In-campaign optimization increases effectiveness by 20 to 40 percent. Marketing Evolution’s award winning in-campaign optimization is a perfect complement to MoreCastR.