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Line-By-Line Media Mix Optimization

Line-by-Line Media Mix Optimization

Our marketing optimization software measures ROI of your campaign over every consumer touchpoint, across all media. It breaks data down into an easy-to-understand visual dashboard with line-by-line recommendations to boost performance of your media spend while the campaign is live.
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PersonCentric Signals

PersonCentricTM Signals

Marketing Evolution's software collapses big data into person-specific marketing message placements. It uncovers which messages are influencing which people with the best ROI. This helps marketers to achieve more valuable, longer-lasting customer connections.
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A Best Practice Engine

A Best Practices Engine

Our cross-channel marketing analytics build a database of best practices that can help improve future marketing efforts. The best practices engine proactively matches the media in your media plans with a checklist of insights to gain the most value out of the media.
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Why Marketing Evolution

Why Marketing Evolution?

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Simplicity in Action


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For all the data, technology and capabilities, Marketing Evolution has made the ROI Brain® easy to use.
The answers are right there, easy to see and act upon. The Marketing Evolution Customer Success team is there to help along the way.
The optimization recommendations come with clear visualizations, so you can see what is driving change to your business.


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