5 Data Privacy Trends & Policies to Anticipate This Year

Consumers are growing increasingly concerned about data privacy. These concerns change how marketers can handle information about their customers and prospects. The future of marketing will depend on the decisions that legislators and private businesses will make when using personal customer data.

Violating privacy legislation or grossly misusing customer data will have dire consequences for businesses – in fact, a study has found that 8 out of 10 customers will abandon a brand that uses their personal data without their knowledge. If marketers would like to maintain their brand’s reputation, they will need to closely follow new developments in consumer privacy.

Read this post to learn:

  • Why customers are increasingly concerned about the use of personal data
  • Which legal precedents will shape the consumer landscape for years to come
  • How a flexible analytics solution will help marketers address these new challenges

In the upcoming year, marketers need to be ready to embrace a year of radical change. 

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