A D2C Marketer's Guide to Expanding & Optimizing Your Strategy 

D2C has come to mean more than just a way to sell products directly to customers. It now includes businesses with both physical retail outlets as well as businesses that sell both directly to their consumers and indirectly via large online ecommerce sites. Direct-to-consumer is quickly becoming a bespoke marketing strategy.

Utilizing a more direct and customer-centric strategy, D2C appeals to customers that have grown increasingly savvy about researching and shopping online. It also gives brands greater control over how their brand is perceived in the digital marketplace. 

In our eBook, we discuss the future of D2C and how marketers can build an omnichannel strategy. Including:

  • The current state of D2C marketing
  • Omnichannel: The future of D2C
  • How to expand your D2C media strategy with an omnichannel approach
  • How to measure campaign effectiveness

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