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MillerCoors & Marketing Evolution

Revolutionizing a Flagship Brand's Creative Performance With Unified Marketing Measurement.

To secure a competitive advantage with its Miller Lite brand, MillerCoors partnered with us to implement a unified marketing measurement and attribution solution that would determine the optimal creative rotation and budget allocation, raise brand awareness and increase sales consideration.

In just a short time after implementation, our unified person-level data insights enabled the MillerCoors teams to:

  • Optimize the creative mix within specific channels, resulting in a 14.3% increase in impact
  • Focus on specific tactics with top-performing digital creative to produce an 8.05% increase in impact
  • Implement media learning capabilities that produce long-term ROI
  • Course-correct active campaigns
  • Uncover a new process for internal collaboration to reach peak efficiency and visibility

Download the case study to learn more about how these deep data insights into omnichannel campaign performance provided the MillerCoors teams with a golden opportunity to maximize marketing efficiency and impact.

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